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The Crown of the Gravelly Hill Since 1891

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Campaign to Improve Broadband Services


The Roland Park Civic League is participating in a campaign along with multiple other north Baltimore communities to improve the choices we have for fast internet services.

• We currently have but one vendor and this impacts the price we pay and the available choices we have for purchasing faster service options.
• Faster service available in areas surrounding Baltimore is unavailable in our neighborhoods.
• Residents have joined together with the goal of convincing potential broadband providers that there is sufficient return on investment to justify installation of fiber optic cable in the northern communities of Baltimore City enabling a range of services, including very high-speed gigabit service.

To support the broadband initiative and to learn more, please go to:

Please address any questions or concerns about the campaign to BetterBroadbandBaltimore@rolandpark.org



Join the Roland Park Community Listserve


The Listserve serves as a vehicle to share information and ideas as well as recent crime and suspicious activity. Recent posts were brought to the attention of the Northern district. .To join, please type “Google Groups” in your browser. In the Google Groups’ search field type in “Roland Park ”. Click on “Roland Park Neighborhood Listserv” and select “apply for membership.” It gives you various options for how you want to receive the posts. In the text box, please include your name and address for the manager’s review. Community members will be approved and can then begin to post and read postings.



Please send information of interest or upcoming events to be posted. Also, please visit the e-communication page and register to receive important community announcements.



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Health, Roland Park

History, Roland Park

History, Roland Park: Then & Now (photo galleries)

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   • Then & Now: The Grand Thoroughfare, Roland Ave.
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Letters to the Editor

Library, Roland Park

Library of Urban Life Reading Room (web page)

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Marianist/Harvey Sale (4301 Roland Avenue)

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Master Plan, Roland Park Area, 2009-2010

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Media, Roland Park in the

Movie, "Roland Park: The Keswick Issue"

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Open Space Campaign, RPCF

Photo Gallery, Roland Park

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Roland Park Place, Parking Lot Expansion

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Roland Park Shopping Center, Proposed Changes for new restaurant

Schools, Local Area

Stream, Stony Run, Restoration of

Sustainability and Green Space, Portal to

Sustainability Initiative, Roland Park Civic League

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Swimming Pool, Roland Park

Then & Now: History, Roland Park (photo galleries)

   • Then & Now: Trolley

   • Then & Now: The Grand Thoroughfare, Roland Ave.
   • Then & Now: Roland Park & Environs, North
   • Then & Now: Roland Park & Environs, East
   • Then & Now: Roland Park & Environs, South
   • Then & Now: Roland Park & Environs, West
   • Then & Now: Roland Park & Environs, Northwest

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TreeBaltimore, Mayor's Initiative on

Urban Life Reading Room, Library of (web page)

Water Tower, Roland, Preservation of
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"Word of Mouth" Contractor Guide

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